New Practice Membership Scheme ……….. Hot off the press !


New Practice Membership Scheme  

Welcome to our new practice membership scheme, we are extremely proud to be able to offer this service to you.

We have all experienced a very unsettled year, with many uncertainties as a dental health provider we appreciate what a difficult year this has been for all. At this time, we are uncertain of how the provision of dentistry will adapt and look, once the Covid-19 health crisis is being successfully managed.

Therefore, to assist us with our dental care delivery, we are pleased to announce that as of January 2021 we are offering you the opportunity to join our practice plan scheme.  With this scheme we are able to offer you some certainty and reassurance with regards to your oral health.


Health Benefits

It has been widely researched that patients who are members of a practice scheme have heathier mouths then patients that pay as they attend the practice. This is because practice scheme members actively attend the practice more regularly, which enables the dental team to spot any issues early and provide treatment.


By offering a membership plan we are hoping to enable you to budget for your dental health, with small monthly payments that carry the cost of your general treatment over the following 12 months.

This membership scheme has been set to enable our members to benefit from reduced fees for their general treatment. Plus, it also enables members to benefit from a 10% discount on treatment requirements such as crowns and white fillings. (please note, some cosmetic procedures are not covered in the plan).


For example, Adult membership scheme 1, one is as follows:

                                                                                            Fee per Item                                      Plan

  Examination x 2                                                          £80.00                                              Inclusive

  Hygiene         x 2                                                          £140.00                                             Inclusive

  X-Rays                                                                           £30.00                                                Inclusive

                                                                                                                                                          £19.50 x 12 months

                                                                           Total    £250.00                                              £234.00

Saving you £16.00 over the years plus 10% off any treatment you may require or choose to select.

The second Adult scheme includes 4 hygiene appointments  and we also have a member ship scheme for children as well. Your dentist will be able to advise you which scheme would be the most beneficial for you.    

An additional extra for members is access to a Worldwide Dental Emergency Scheme. Which once we are all globe trotting again, will take away any concerns regarding dental access when you are away on your well-earned family holiday.

Please keep an eye out on our Blog/facebook/and Instagram page for all updates regarding the membership scheme.

We will notify you as soon as the scheme is fully active.

Kind regards The Team at Ham Dental