What does it mean if I choose to make monthly payments with Tabeo?

Tabeo offers clear, simple options to pay for your purchases using Pay Over Time in just a few clicks.

Instead of paying in one lump sum upfront, you pay in easy monthly payments, at no extra cost – we call this Pay Over Time.

For example, if you need to pay £1,800 for your dental treatment, instead of making one payment, you pay in 12 equal payments

of £150. You select the date you want to pay –simply pick one of three payment dates, whichever suits you best. If you want to

repay early, in part or full, no problem. You can do this easily online, any time and at no extra cost.

Initial and monthly payments must come from a valid debit card in your name. So, the name on your card must match the name

on your Tabeo account. If it does not, we cannot complete the transaction.

Tabeo makes money by charging Ham Dental Practice ( The Merchant)  and NOT the patient,  just like when you pay with a card.

This can be summarised below :

  • Receive your purchase overview/invoice from Ham Dental Practice  by email or text
  • Select your payment plan (3-60 payments) on the page displayed
  • Complete our application form – credit decision is instant
  • Select your preferred monthly payment date
  • Enter your direct debit details
  • Review and accept your loan agreement
  • Make your first payment with a debit card

If successful, your loan is live and you receive your goods/services.

That’s it!

Tabeo  charge your card monthly on the date you selected, for the monthly amount due.

Please feel free to ask any member of the Ham Dental Team for further  Tabeo  Finance information.