Our Services

The range of dental services available at Ham Dental Practice includes the following:

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a number of aesthetic and functionally enhancing services, to create amazing smiles.

These include:

White (Composite) fillings, are the normal immediate choice for anterior teeth. However they also offer which offer an aesthetic advantage compared to silver (amalgam) fillings, especially on lower posterior teeth.

Sports Mouthguard

At Ham Dental, we can provide mouth-guards. These are professionally made  soft rubber-like covers that fit exactly over your teeth and gums, to cushion and protect them from damage. It’s important to wear a custom made mouthguard whenever you play sport that involves physical contact or moving objects. This includes hockey, rugby, cricket, boxing and martial arts. Wearing one will help prevent damage to teeth, as well as protecting your jaw from fractures and dislocation.

Ask us at Ham Dental how we can help in providing you one.

Dental Implants

These are precise, fixed attachments, made of titanium, which are then  secured into the jawbone. They are incredibly strong and can be  long lasting if good oral hygiene and regular monitoring is carried out thereafter.

Root Canal Treatment

All teeth have a nerve supply which enables us to senses pain, pressure, hot and cold. The nerve is contained in the core of the tooth, extending into canals based in the roots of the teeth.

If this nerve supply is affected through decay, trauma or gum disease, it can result in the nerve becoming exposed and infected, resulting in prolonged pain, especially during eating, drinking and sleeping. This is the tooth’s way of indicating that something is wrong. Such  symptoms require root canal treatment, which involve using delicate instruments to gently clean out the root canals, remove any exposed or infected nerve tissues and wash them all to ensure that the root canal is clean. Following this, a rubber type material is placed within the canal system to ensure bacteria cannot re-enter the tooth. It can then be restored to normal function. Treatment is normally completed within 2 visits.

Teeth Whitening

The easiest and least invasive way to improve the colour of your teeth is tooth whitening. We use a boutique system by White Dental Beauty, which has double action effect to produce whiter and brighter teeth more effectively, with a home whitening system. It works by breaking down both the surface stains on enamel, and lightening the dentine layer beneath.

It’s a great anti-aging treatment, and depending how dark your teeth are, you have the potential to lighten them by up-to 6 shades lighter.

Jaw Problems & Headaches

The way your teeth meet when your upper and lower jaws close together is known as a bite, or occlusion. If your teeth don’t fit together properly, then you could have a ‘bad bite’ or malocclusion. This can cause problems with your teeth , gums ,  or lockjaw. You may also experience an increase in headaches and migraines, along with pain in either the face, neck and shoulder muscles, caused by increased clenching or grinding of teeth, mainly during sleep time.

This is an aspect of dentistry that the practice owner is really passionate about, having practised this special interest for more than decade.

If you recognise any of these symptoms, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Treatments to improve the condition might require painless adjustment or re-contouring of teeth, the wearing of custom made appliances at night time, or orthodontic treatment to re-align the teeth

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Problems

If you suffer from breathing difficulties during sleep such as snoring, or obstructive sleep apnoea (where breathing repeatedly stops and starts), then the team at Ham Dental Practice can help you. A number of oral devices or  mouthpieces are now available to address these snoring problems. This is done by preventing the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep, to help stop closure of the airways, (and thus snoring). By opening up the airway, these mouth appliances will allow you to breathe better, and result in a better sleep pattern.

Please feel free to book a consultation to discuss how we can help.