5 Top Tips for looking after your teeth and gums during the festive period.



                    Christmas is fast approaching and it brings many delicious treats and temptations. However, mince pies and your festive tipple, together with late nights and poor dental hygiene, can take its toll on your teeth.  To help you stay on track and protect your teeth during the festive period, we’ve collated our five top tips:


1:Brush after sticky food

Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies are laden with dried fruit, which is high in sugar that can stick to your teeth. Added to this, sticky toffees and sweets indulged during the festive period put your teeth under constant attack.

It is therefore important to pay extra attention when brushing your teeth over the festive season. Parents can check their children are brushing sticky food from their teeth especially before bedtime, no matter their excitement that Santa is coming!


2: Clean your teeth well…..

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes using toothpaste containing 1450ppm fluoride, as this helps protect teeth from cavities. However, you must spit not rinse when you’ve finished brushing, to avoid washing the protective fluoride away.

Interdental brushes or dental floss can be used to remove sticky plaque from in between your teeth. It’s important to supervise children’s brushing, and to remind family of all ages to brush their teeth thoroughly before they go to bed, even on Christmas Eve!

3: Eat and drink in moderation

Christmas is a time to enjoy festive food and drink, but remember it’s not always the amount of sugar in your food and drink, but how often these are consumed that can affect your teeth.

It is best to keep any sweet treats to meal times only, avoid constant snacking, and brush your teeth especially well afterwards.

4: Use a bottle opener

Teeth were never designed to open bottles, nor should they be used to open packets of crisps or nuts, to tear off labels or to cut tape when wrapping your presents! Always take a moment to find the bottle opener or scissors to prevent any damage to your teeth.

If you do chip, break or crack a tooth, contact your dentist to book an appointment to fill the tooth or smooth rough edges.

If you lose a tooth due to trauma, don’t panic! Try and put it back in the socket without handling the root, keep it inside your cheek or place it in milk, and book in for an emergency dental appointment for prompt treatment.

5: Don’t forget the cheeseboard!

After all your festive indulging, save a little space for the cheeseboard. Cheese is great for your teeth as it neutralises plaque acid, which helps prevent tooth decay. Eating cheese increases the amount of saliva in the mouth, which is the body’s natural way of maintaining a healthy pH level. And, cheese releases chemical compounds that can form a protective layer on teeth, which protects against acids that attack teeth enamel. Plus, its super Yummy!


Need an appointment on the run up to Christmas , then please call reception, they will be happy to help .