A crystal-clear aligner solution
developed by industry experts

With decades of experience creating some of the world’s most innovative orthodontic appliances — Henry Schein® Orthodontics delivers Reveal, a state-of-the-art clear aligner with next-generation aesthetics, efficiency, and treatment predictability.

At Ham Dental Practice we are sincerely proud partners to be using this  clear aligner system for our orthodontic care

ClearWear™ Material

ClearWear material offers enhanced clarity with precise force levels for comfort and speed of treatment.

Precision Fit

Reveal is manufactured with state-of-art technology for a precise-fit to help ensure predictable treatment outcomes.

Minimal Attachments

Reveal is designed to reduce the need for attachments so you can offer a truly aesthetic treatment and achieve clinical efficiencies.

Optimised Trim

Designed with increased coverage at the gingival margin and smooth edges, Reveal offers reduced slippage and excellent control – further reducing the need for attachments.

Capture of Interproximal Area

The optimised trim captures maximum tooth surface area to help increase control over tooth movement.

Precise Customisation

State-of-the-art digital manufacturing process, paired with Studio Pro™ treatment visualisation software, allows for precise and accurate modifications at each step of treatment.